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World’s Top Data Centers

Business-critical data about Co-Los and Cloud Service Providers is sprinkled all over the Internet. For IT Pros, vendors, and investors, it all comes together at – the first data center information superstore.

Today, the vast majority of experienced on premise IT Pros are novices when it comes to the vocabulary of Co-Los and Cloud Services. One of our goals at WTDC is to help beginners get up to speed fast with a glossary of data center terms, and easy to navigate Co-Lo and Cloud Services Directories.

For IT Pros who know what they want, but want to shop for the best fit for their needs, the powerful WTDC directories reveal competitive cloud service options, locations of nearby Co-Los, and rankings submitted by users.

Published by IT Brand Pulse

IT Brand Pulse is an analyst firm and trusted source of testing, research and analysis covering data center site, services and infrastructure. is a window to the research conducted by IT Brand Pulse about Co-Los and Cloud Services. Learn more about us at

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World’s Top Data Centers
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About contributing editorial content or advertising:

Frank Berry, Chief Editor,

The World’s Top Data Centers Team


Frank Berry – Director and Editor

A 30-year veteran of the IT industry including senior executive positions with QLogic and Quantum, Frank founded IT Brand Pulse and is responsible for editorial content at


 Joe Kimpler – Business Development

Joe Kimpler is responsible for business development at, and a senior analyst responsible for IT Brand Pulse Labs. Joe has over 30 years experience in information technology and has held senior engineering and marketing positions at Fujitsu, Rockwell Semiconductors, Quantum and QLogic. Joe holds an engineering degree from the University of Illinois and a MBA in marketing. You can reach him at


Frankie Berry – Assistant Editor/Researcher

Frankie oversees the mapping of vital statistics of data centers around the world and is a WordPress web page designer.