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APAC Size Rankings

This Top Ten takes into account the largest data centers by square footage for the Asia Pacific region (APAC). These data centers host an astounding amount of information used for telecommunications, cloud computing, and financial firms. APAC accounts for the majority of the largest data centers in the world and within this region lies some of the most innovative facilities.



#1: China Telecom- Inner Mongolia Information Park

10.7 million square feet

Not only does Inner Mongolia Data Park by China Telecom notch its spot at number one in the APAC, but also leads the world as the largest data center in the entire world spanning 10.7 million square feet. This information park is part of the first cloud computing base in the region and houses a cloud computing data center, call centers, warehouses, offices and living quarters for staff across its massive grounds.


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#2: China Mobile- Hohhot

7.7 million square feet

The Runner up in the APAC and one of the pieces to the information park, China Mobile’s data center in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia spans an area of 7.75 million square feet. The three stage facility is able to maintain its edge because of the cloud services and is able to remain efficient by its free cooling technologies. This data center provides concentrated networking, enterprise services as well as promotes research and development for more advanced technologies, cloud computing and finally internet of things.

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#3: China Mobile- Harbin

7.1 million square feet

The third spot on our list was earned by the second of the most recent data centers developed by China Mobile in the capital of the Heilongjang province which engulfs 7.1 million square feet. Harbin which is known for its annual ice sculpting competition provides the ideal setting for cooling hot data centers and is also located by a river that also provides cooling capabilities. The network connections provided by the region allow the Harbin data center to use the fibre connections between the bordering of Asian-European and Russian regions.

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#4: Range- International Information Hub

6.6 million square feet

Our fourth spot on the list is the planned facility for 2016 in the Hebei province of China in Langfang which is expected to reach 6.6 million square feet rivaling the size of the Pentagon. This hub will provide for economic growth in the region due to the increase of demand for cloud computing and mobile devices. The data center will provide service to private enterprises as well as the Chinese government. The collaboration involving IBM and Range will provide for training, design services, solutions and business applications to the Information Hub.

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#5: China Unicom- Northwest

6.4 million square feet

Halfway through the top ten data centers in the APAC region, China Unicom’s piece in the Inner Mongolia information park has begun construction of the base of its planned 6.4 million square foot data center. The project is expected to last a total of ten years until completion and will be used to promote the development of cloud computing business of the Chinese telecom carrier. The site will hold a cloud computing center, IDC data center, an EDC data center, a customer service call center and a communications hub.

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#6: China Mobile- Southern Logistics Center

5.2 million square feet

Reaching its third appearance on the list China Mobile’s Southern Logistics Center in Forshan, of the Guangzhou province extends over 5.2 million square feet which opened the Sixth China Beijing Cloud Computing Center in 2012. The logistics center provides centralized storage and logistics services for mobile companies in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hunan, Jiangxi and Fujian provinces.


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#7: China Telecom- Guizhou

3.5 million square feet

The second installment of China Telecom on our list is also located in the southern Guangzhou province in the provincial capital of Guiyang which is home to a 3.5 million square foot complex named China Telecom’s Guangzhou Cloud Computing Information Park. The park will be used to provide high-speed storage and computing services for government departments, enterprises, financial institutions and internet companies. The project is to be fully functioning by the end of this year.

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#8: @Tokyo- Kotu-Ku, Japan

1.5 million square feet

Pulling into the 8th spot is the @Tokyo Corporation which is housed in Kotu-Ku, Tokyo. Located just ten minutes away from the major financial and business districts this 1.5 million square foot corporation provides a geographical edge in terms of business opportunities. Of the total space most of it is dedicated to colocation racks, caged suites, and dedicated data center real suites.


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#9: Tulip Telecom- Data City

900,000 square feet

Landing in the 9th place in Bangalore, India the Tulip Telecom data center occupies 900,000 square foot making it the largest data center in all of India. The four tower buildings make up the 20 Enterprise Modular Data Center are engineered to operate up to 100 megawatts of power making it one of the top data centers of the world. Tulip designs, implements and manages communication networks of large enterprises on long term contracts to include enterprise communications connectivity, network integration, managed and value added services.

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#10: TCX- Singapore, Malaysia

170,000 square feet

Rounding out at the final spot on our list is the TCX Data Center located in Singapore which spans a total of 170,000 square feet. All of the available capacity created for day one of sales has been sold leaving Tata Communications to expand the business to provide for more capacity with such high demand. TCX has highly experienced facilities, communications, security and data center technical support staff on-site 24×7 hours making it one of the top data centers in the Singapore region.


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