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AWS re:Invent Day 2 Announcements

| November 13, 2014 | Reply

day2Today at AWS re:Invent 2014, AWS made the following announcements. Feel free to catch the replay of the keynote here:

Amazon EC2 Container Service, a highly scalable, high-performance container management service that makes it easy to run and manage distributed applications using containers on AWS. Initially, the EC2 Container Service supports Docker, allowing customers to launch, manage, and scale from one container to hundreds of thousands of containers across a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances. With the EC2 Container Service, customers can start, stop, and manage thousands of containers in seconds. The EC2 Container Service integrates with Docker Hub, a hosted repository where Docker container-based applications are distributed and shared across the entire development community, or shared privately within an organization.  AWS also contributes directly to the Docker Hub Official Repository and open source projects, most recently contributing a Dockerized GlassFish application server. Amazon EC2 Container Service is available in preview today. Read more here:

AWS Lambda, a compute service that runs developers’ code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources for them, making it easy to build and manage applications that respond quickly to new information. AWS Lambda starts running code within milliseconds of an event such as an image upload, in-app activity, website click, or output from a connected device. Developers can also use AWS Lambda to create new back-end services where compute resources are automatically triggered based on custom requests. Developers pay only for the requests served and compute time required to run their code. AWS Lambda charges for compute time in increments of 100 milliseconds, making it cost-effective and easy to scale apps to whatever number of requests are required. AWS Lambda is available in preview today. Read more here:

Follow event activities on Twitter @awsreinvent, using the hashtag #reinvent.

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