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China Mobile – Hohhot Data Center

| June 2, 2014

Hohhot, China


The Hohhot Data Center is China Mobile’s contribution to the Inner Mongolia Information Park. The first two phases containing 7,750,015 square feet cost a total of 12 billion CNY ($1.92 billion.) The data center’s design consisting of modules, will allow for expansion of the already massive facility. The Hohhot Data Center provides concentrated network management, enterprise services, and research and development innovation for new technologies including TD-LTE 4G networking and cloud computing.

Metric Value Ranking
Size (sq. ft.) 7,750,015 #2
Investment ($) 1.92 billion #2
Power Consumed (MW) 115 #2
Green Power Output (MW) 0 N/A
Green Power Output (%) 0 N/A

Category: APAC, Regions, Top Ten

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