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Contribute to our User Forum

If you’re an IT pro renting co-lo space and/or subscribing to cloud services, your peers are keenly interested in reading about your experience.  We know you’re busy, so our User Forum program is designed to capture your feedback in 25 minutes. If we like your story and publish it, you’ll get a $25 Amazon Card.

If you’re a co-lo retailer renting space from a co-lo wholesaler, we want your stories too.

We’re mostly interested in what you’re doing, how much it cost, and what the results are.

If you’re ready to contribute, or if you have questions, contact Frank Berry via telephone at 949-713-2313, or via email at

Step 1. Tell us about your experience with a co-lo facility or cloud services.

Step 2. We publish your article within 2 weeks.

Step 3. We put a $25 gift card into your Amazon account.