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Find & Compare Co-lo’s

Co-locations A-Z

For IT Pros looking for a specific Co-Lo company, we  offer a directory of companies in alphabetical order. Go to a company profile page and you’ll see a listing of sites and locations.  This directory makes it easy to find and compare Co-lo sites all around the world. To see a list of these companies visit our Co-lo A-Z Directory.






Search for a Co-lo Near You

We have built into our website a map directory of Co-lo globally. We have over 700 Co-lo’s in our database making it easy for you to find a factility near you by simply typing in your zip code or city. To find a Co-lo near you visit our Map Directory page.





Compare Customer Ratings for Co-los

Our rating system allows customers to compare Co-lo sites to one another and see their peer’s experience with these Co-lo companies. These ratings allow you to personally give a rating based on overall performance, accessibility, pricing, performance, reliability, responsiveness, and support. To view these ratings visit our Rate a Co-lo page.