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Daily AWS News Friday, Dec. 12

| December 12, 2014

aws news

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Amazon denies Sony used AWS for denial-of-service counter-attack

ZDNet 12/12/14
Amazon has denied its cloud service was used to conduct counter-attacks against sites offering data said to be stolen in the Sony …

Cloudreach launches new Cloud Disciplines for Amazon Web Services 12/12/14
Cloudreach said it has launched its new Cloud Disciplines, a uniquely structured approach to the operation of highly-effective Amazon Web Services …

AWS OpsWorks reaches into servers, based on Chef

TechTarget 12/12/14
Amazon Web Services extended its reach further into data centers this week with new support in its OpsWorks product for servers outside its cloud.

Here’s Why Amazon’s Profitability Is So Low (AMZN)

Seeking Alpha 12/12/14
The low pricing strategy adopted by Amazon in both online retail as well as Amazon Web Services is one of the chief reasons for its lack of profitability.

Amazon commercial cloud tapped for geospatial data

Federal Times 12/12/14
Amazon commercial cloud tapped for geospatial data … to host an operational capability on Amazon Web Services‘ Commercial Cloud Services.

New cloud pricing models aim to control server sprawl costs

TechRepublic 12/12/14
The most popular infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is Amazon’s Web Services (AWS). In the traditional AWS model, end users paid for cloud services …

Mo’ money, mo’ data, mo’ cloud on the Structure Show

Gigaom 12/12/14
And of course the company everyone is measuring by is Amazon Web Services which leads the pack. Oh, and he’s got lots to say about the …


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