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Daily AWS News Thursday, Feb.26

| February 26, 2015

aws news

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CIA Embraces Cloudera Data Hub

EnterpriseTech 2/26/2015
As federal cloud provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) readies its commercial cloud service for the CIA, other vendors are lining up to supply the …

NetApp Cozies Up To AWS

Talkin’ Cloud 2/26/2015
Hybrid cloud computing is all the rage these days so it shouldn’t come as much of surprise to see storage vendors such as NetApp embracing Amazon …

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AWS and Citrix protest proposed VMware deal with US Defense

Cloud Pro 2/26/2015
Amazon Web Services, Citrix and Nutanix have launched a protest against the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) proposed $1.6 billion contract with …

Spy Agency Adding Capabilities to its AWS Cloud

EnterpriseTech 2/26/2015
The CIA is preparing to rollout a classified version of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace to support the U.S. intelligence apparatus as it puts …

The Secret Million That Y Combinator Invests In All Its Startups

Fast Company 2/26/2015
And Amazon Web Services became a trusted service in part by offering hosting credits to YC companies like Dropbox and Airbnb, which grew their …

Learn how to become an expert web developer with the Full Stack Hacker Bundle

BGR 2/26/2015
You’ll also learn about MongoDB, GitHub fundamentals, and how to become certified inAmazon Web Services. The best part of the Full Stack Hacker …

AWS OpsWorks automates configuration security

TechTarget 2/26/2015
Automating configuration and change management with OpsWorks can help admins ensure consistency and security for cloud-based apps.

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