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Daily AWS News Tuesday, Feb. 24

| February 24, 2015

aws news

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Amazon, Citrix, Nutanix Up In Arms Over VMware’s Proposed $1.6 Billion DoD Licensing Contract

CRN 2/24/2015
Amazon Web Services, Citrix Systems and startup Nutanix are formally protesting VMware’s proposed five-year, $1.6 billion enterprise licensing …

Azure Machine Learning turns heads among AWS users

TechTarget 2/24/2015
The all-in one interface and familiar Microsoft development tools have Felichko, who also manages deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS), …

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Will The New WorkMail Work For Amazon? 2/24/2015
Amazon’s could services segment, called Amazon Web Services, registered growth. The segment has increased to $1.76 billion from $1.34 billion in …

AWS beats Microsoft in public cloud adoption stakes

Cloud Pro 2/24/2015
Amazon Web Services (AWS) remains the public cloud provider to beat by quite some considerable margin, new research suggests. The 2015 edition …

Working with graph databases and AWS

TechTarget 2/24/2015
Titan is a graph database that runs on top of several databases that Amazon Web Services supports. Many people think graph databases are only …

Azure vs AWS vs Rackspace vs Google: Which Cloud Provider Had the Least Downtime in 2014

Cloudwards 2/24/2015
We looked at Azure, Amazon Web Service, Rackspace, and Google to see what their downtime rate was and how it affected consumers.

ClusterK Getting The Most Out Of Amazon Cloud, Reduces Apps-Running Price Up To 1/10th

TechFrag 2/24/2015
Cloud computing has gained its fair share of using among some major tech companies world wide. Amazon Web Services product, the Amazon EC2 …

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