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| May 12, 2014



Our Co-Lo Directory includes a search engine, a listing of Co-Lo companies from A-Z, and customer ratings for each vendor.

When you plan a trip for the weekend to a new destination, you don’t just hop in the car and automatically know your surroundings without first looking up directions or using your trusty GPS. Knowing the companies in your area which offer Co-Location services requires the same sort of preparation in regards to where to move your business the most efficiently. Whether you’re based out of New York City or Dallas, Texas you don’t want to waste your precious time searching for the directions to your Co-Location destination. Our Find a Site Map will help you to quickly locate the solution to your Co-Location problems in your own backyard by entering your address or zip code with your desired radius. After all your mission critical data is important, let us help you determine which Co-Location site is most efficient for you and your business.

To our readers who have an already established relationship with a specific Co-Location provider but are looking for other data centers, our Co-Lo directory includes a comprehensive list of Co-Lo providers from A-Z to help you instantly find your desired company. Our directory also offers a preview into the provider’s profile which you can access by simply clicking on the link provided. Each profile includes general information and background into the Co-Location provider, a link to their company page and a link that will direct you to other their locations offered.

Determining which Co-Location provider is right for your business needs is not an easy process and can often times leave you split between multiple companies without a clue as to which one deserves your hard earned dollars. Just like buying a cell phone, the information that carries the most weight in your buying decision are the ratings and reviews left by your fellow Co-Location customers. Our Co-Location ratings include information regarding overall service, accessibility of the service, the overall pricing of the service, as well as the performance and reliability. Let our ratings guide your decision making process by showing you what others had to say when finding the new home to their mission critical data.

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