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| June 3, 2014

Forest City, North Carolina

Facebook’s Forest City data center houses more servers than there are people in the rural town. This facility is composed of two 370,000 square foot data centers. A 25,000 square foot air handling floor utilizes a 100% evaporative cooling method earning the data center a LEED Gold Certification. This data center features Facebook’s own second generation web server which has been shared with the world through the Open Commute Project. Facebook reported that this facility has a power utilization effectiveness of 1.06 to 1.08. That is almost a perfect 1, which means a perfect transfer of power between the data center and equipment.

Metric Value Ranking
Size (sq. ft.) 740,000 N/A
Investment ($) 450 million N/A
Power Consumed (MW) N/A N/A
Green Power Output (MW) N/A N/A
Green Power Output (%) 100% N/A

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