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| June 2, 2014

 Lenoir, North Carolina

Google comes in next on our list for biggest data centers. The internet giant purchased a 215 acre site to build a Lenoir, North Carolina data center. No one knows the exact number but North Carolina media indicates that the two buildings that make up the data center total more than 500,000 square feet. This is equal to 8.7 football fields. Google built a 20 megawatt solar farm next to the Lenoir facility to meet power requirements. A second 20 megawatt solar farm is expected late this year.

Metric Value Ranking
Size (sq. ft.) 500,000 N/A
Investment ($) 1 Billion N/A
Power Consumed (MW) 20 N/A
Green Power Output (MW) 20 N/A
Green Power Output (%) 100% N/A


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