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HP Helion Unveils Application-Specific Infrastructure

| February 13, 2015

HelionSeven pre-priced and pre-configured Infrastructure as a Service solutions built to optimize the utilization and cost of IT resources

HP announced an expanded portfolio of workload-focused configurations delivered in a standardized solution for HP Helion Managed Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) that simplifies and accelerates customers’ transition to the cloud.

Based on extensive expertise in working on a wide range of cloud deployments, HP Enterprise Services is rolling out seven pre-priced and pre-configured Infrastructure as a Service solutions. These solutions are designed to meet diverse enterprise workload requirements, ranging from lighter workloads like applications development and low performance media sharing to enterprise workloads supporting complex ERP solutions. These configurations are designed for better alignment of IT resources to workloads – thus optimizing the utilization and cost of IT resources.

“Customers want a simplified experience when finding and implementing workload specific solutions in the cloud,” said Jim Fanella, vice president, Workload and Cloud, HP Enterprise Services. “Creating pre-configured solutions for the most frequently used workloads make it easier to quickly implement managed VPC solutions and help ease the organization’s transition to the New Style of IT.”

HP Helion Managed VPC now offers four virtual server configurations for lighter enterprise class workloads and three physical server configurations for business-critical production workloads that require dedicated servers.  These configurations offer application modernization opportunities, benefits of an OPEX model and faster implementation of cloud services and include credits towards workload advisory and transformation services. With this managed service, enterprises will also benefit from automatic and seamless improvements to the latest technology and security.

These virtual and physical server solutions are targeted for typical workloads, such as:

  • Application development, file print, non-production and quality assurance
  • SharePoint, unified communication and custom tools
  • Non-critical customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Hosted email and enterprise CRM
  • Oracle CX, data mining and analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • SAP® applications, Oracle, Microsoft® Dynamics, and Sage

Pricing and availability
The new HP Helion Managed VPC solutions are now available for purchase globally from 24 locations in five continents with pricing for virtual configurations starting at $76 per month for Bare Metal up to $496 per month for Virtualized Enterprise. Physical configurations start at $800 per month for 8-core physical servers up to $1,000 per month for Physical Enterprise.

“We’ve also streamlined the contracting process with a one page cloud contract, to speed the delivery of enterprise cloud solutions,” said Fanella. “This is another example of how HP is committed to making the on-ramp to HP Helion cloud easier, quicker and more efficient.”

All configurations have OpenStack® features and options to add high availability that provide 99.999% uptime SLAs and a full suite of cloud advisory and application transformation to the cloud services. In April, HP intends to offer additional pre-configured workload solutions for its Managed Private Cloud portfolio to extend even more flexibility for customers, whether their data or applications reside in their own, HP’s or a third party’s data center.

Information about HP Helion Managed VPC and other HP cloud solutions is available


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