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This page ranks the top ten data centers in regards to power consumed. Measured in megawatts, these massive facilities consume an unthinkable amount of energy to power such extensive servers. This top ten is somewhat similar to the Biggest Top Ten because as you can imagine, the bigger the site the more energy must be consumed.



#1: China Telecom- Inner Mongolia 

150 Megawatts

$ 3 Billion

Ranking first in our top ten for power consumed is the Inner Mongolia Information Park owned by China Telecom. Powered through various measures including altitude, hydroelectric and thermal power, this massive data center cost 3 billion USD.

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#2: China Mobile- Hohhot

130 Megawatts

$1.92 Billion

The Hohhot Data Center owned by China Mobile ranks number two in Most Power Consumed, powered by altitude, hydroelectric, and thermal power just like Inner Mongolia Information Park. However, this data center only cost $1.92 billion.

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#3: China Mobile- Harbin

120 Megawatts

$1.5 Billion

Located in Harbin, Heilongjiang, The Harbin Data Center is one of China Mobile’s most recently built facilities. Powered through various means, this vast complex cost $1.5 billion. 

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#4: Range- International Information Hub

115 Megawatts

$1.3 Billion

The Range International Information Hub is going to be the same size as the Pentagon when it is completed in 2016. With that being said, it is estimated to consume up to 115 Megawatts, ranking it #4 in the investment Top Ten. In collaboration with IBM, Range Technology built the facility to provide services to private and government agencies. IBM will be consulted for design services, technology, training, solutions, and business applications. 

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#5: China Unicom- Northwest

110 Megawatts

$1.97 Billion

China Unicom’s Northwest Data Center makes the top five with 110 Megawatts consumed due to its vast square footage of 6,436,818 feet. This facility cost China Unicom 12.3 billion yuan ($1.97 billion.) This location will feature an additional 78,740 feet below ground. This facility is located in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia along with rival China Mobile’s Southern Data Center.

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#6: China Mobile- Southern Logistics Center

102 Megawatts

$1.15 Billion

 Another product of China Mobile, the Southern Data Center is contained over 5,274,346 million square feet and ranks #6 in investment costing $1.15 billion. The Southern Data Center is one of many data centers springing up in Hohhot Inner Mongolia. 

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#7: China Telecom- Guizhou Information Park

100 Megawatts

$1.14 Billion

 The Guizhou Information Park, a new member of the China Telecom Data center family takes the seventh seat in our Most Power Consumed category, consuming just over 100 Megawatts. China Telecom invested 7 billion yuan ($1.14 billion) building the new Information Park. The Guizhou Information Park will be home to one million servers with 120,000 of those spots taken before coming online in early 2014.

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#8: NSA- Bumblehive

90 Megawatts

$1.1 Billion

The number 8 spot hosts the first facility not in China on our list. Located in Bluffdale, Utah the NSA’s newest datacenter has been referred to as “the Country’s Biggest Spy Center” with over 90 Megawatts of energy consumed over its total square footage of 1,100,000. At the heart of the NSA data center are four separate 25,000 square foot data halls capable of holding thousands of servers.

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#9:Digital Realty- Lakeside

85 Megawatts

$1 Billion

At number 9, the 1.1 million square foot Lakeside Technology Center does not look like your typical data center. The Lakeside Technology Center is home to 70 different tenants with data centers for financial firms and other important Chicago businesses. Commonwealth Edison reports the Lakeside Technology Center as its second largest power consumer, second only to the Chicago O’hare airport.

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#10: Tulip Telecom- Data City

80 Megawatts

$900 Million

Our final spot is filled by the Tulip Data City which was the third largest data center in the world when it opened in 2012. However, it ranks #10 in Top Ten Investment. The Tulip Data City covers 900,000 square feet in its four towers that house 20 Enterprise Modular Data Centers. Tulip Telecom Ltd. developed this facility with the help of IBM in order to support the 2,000 locations Tulip reaches in India. 

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