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NSA Hawaii

| June 3, 2014

Wahiawa, Hawaii

Along with its other expansions the NSA has moved into Hawaii onto an old Naval and Telecommunications Area Master Station Pacific (NCTAMS PAC) headquarters in Wahiawa reaching a total of 250,000 square feet.  The new facility will be used to gather and analyze intelligence from U.S. interest areas, such as the Middle East and Southeast Asia, allowing high-ranking officials to make better tactical decisions. A major portion of the construction includes a new operations and data management facility (OPS), which consists of a command center, operations briefing center, data analysis section, mission planning areas, administrative offices and video-teleconferencing rooms.

Metric Value Ranking
Size (sq. ft.) 250,000 #6
Investment ($) 318 million N/A
Power Consumed (MW) N/A N/A
Green Power Output (MW) 0 N/A
Green Power Output (%) 0 N/A

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