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PlayStation Now and Grid Game to reach 150 million by 2015

| November 28, 2014 | Reply

gamingCloud Gaming to Reach Inflection Point in 2015

A large installed base of cloud gaming capable devices, big brand names entering the cloud gaming market, and improving network performance will drive cloud gaming to new heights in 2015, according to the Strategy Analytics report, “NVIDIA Goes off the Grid with Cloud Gaming Service.”

NVIDIA is the latest major player in the gaming industry to tackle cloud gaming with the launch of the NVIDIA Grid Game Streaming Service. Many have tried, none have succeeded (yet), but that has not diminished the enthusiasm of NVIDIA, Sony, and many others for cloud-based gaming. This report will examine what, if anything is different about the market today that will allow cloud gaming to succeed, key characteristics of the NVIDIA Grid Game Streaming Service, and how it compares to the other major player in the space, Sony’s PlayStation Now service.

  • PlayStation Now and NVIDIA Grid Game Streaming Service will reach nearly 30 million devices by year-end 2014 and will grow 500% to almost 150 million by year-end 2015.
  • Game streaming is more resource intense and lag-sensitive than OTT video streaming, so cloud gaming companies must be mindful of acceptable trade-offs in quality of experience and network performance requirements in order to reach a significant portion of the market.
  • Primarily to support and profit from backward compatibility, Strategy Analytics expects other major players in the gaming industry to jump into the cloud gaming market once Sony or NVIDIA craft a successful pricing strategy.

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