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Renewable Energy Output Rankings

When we set out to find what data centers were using the most renewable energy we found that about 20 data centers operating on 100% renewable energy. The Renewable Energy Output Rankings displays which of the 20 data centers using 100% renewable energy are using the most megawatts.


 #1: Google – Council Bluffs, IA

407 MW

The first data center of our renewable input ranking is part of Google’s $1.5 billion plant to create Internet infrastructure in Council Bluffs. Google has built this facility that uses 100% renewable energy on a 1,000 acre field in Iowa. This facility produces a whopping 407 megawatts of renewable energy.

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#2: Google – Pryor, OK

340 MW

Since 2007 Google has spent $700 million on their data center in Mayes County, Oklahoma. This data center is home to 100 Google employees. A google data center such as this one uses on average, 50% less energy than a typical data center. In 2011, Google purchased all of the energy from NextEra Energy Resources’ Minco II wind facility to power the Oklahoma facility that will use up to 340 megawatts of power.

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#3: Microsoft – San Antonio, TX

300 MW

Microsoft showed its dedication to green energy when it invested in a 20 year agreement RES Americas wind farm for 100% of its energy.  By the end of 2015 the Keechi Wind Farm Project will contain 55 turbines capable of handling the 300 megawatts of power that the San Antonio, Texas data center will need. 

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#4:Facebook – Altoona, IA

138 MW

Facebook takes pride in having green data centers and chose Altoona, IA for one of their newest expected to cost them a total of $1.5 billion. The 476,000 square foot data center will take advantage of wind and other renewable energy to power the 138 megawatt data center. Facebook chose the location in Altoona for its potential to harness wind energy. 

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#5: Facebook – Lulea, Sweden

120 MW

Facebook’s Lulea, Sweden data center takes advantage of hydroelectricity to power the facility. This facility uses up to 120 megawatts of power to run its 290,000 square feet. Its massive cooling system filters and cools the air inside the server farm and expels it upwards where it is released. 

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 #6: Google – Hamina, Finland

72 MW

In 2013, Google collaborated with the Swedish wind-farm developer O2 in order to make a deal providing energy for the Hamina, Finland data center the next 10 years. This was the fourth long term renewable energy contract that Google has made and the first in Europe. The wind farm O2 has built  powers the data center with 72 megawatts. 

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#7: Apple – Maiden, NC

20 MW

What do you do when you have a data center that requires 20 megawatts of power at full capacity? Apple decided to build two 100- acre solar arrays when it faced this problem in Maiden, North Carolina. Upon completion in 2012, Apple claimed that its North Carolina installment was America’s largest private solar array. Although Apple was not featured until our 7th seat, they sure know how to make a statement and it will be interesting to see what they do in the future. 

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#8: Rackspace – London, U.K.

10 MW

Completed in 2014 Rackspace’s London data center was built by Digital Realty. They used the open compute project backed by Facebook to achieve a power efficient data center. At full capacity this facility can reach up to 10 megawatts. This facility has brought attention to England as a location for data centers.

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#9: Apple – Prineville, OR

5 MW

Similar to the Maiden, N.C. location, Apple uses renewable energy to support its Prineville, Oregon data center. Apple uses wind, hydro, and geothermal power to provide the 5 megawatts needed to power the facilities two 300,000 square foot buildings. This facility shares some of the iCloud traffic going to the Maiden data center. 

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#10: Apple – Reno, NV

2.5 MW

In 2013, Apple completed 20,000 square feet of its Reno, Nevada data center. This facility will be one of the greenest data centers in the world. It is expected that this data center will be going up in several of our rankings. Currently the Reno facility uses 2.5 megawatts at full capacity. This should increase with the completion of a 137 acre solar panel project in the works. 

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