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Choosing one isn’t easy.

| May 12, 2014


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Cloud services is a dizzying array of offerings all packaged and named differently. We’ve created generic names for each type of cloud service to help you make apples-to-apples comparisons.  With each cloud service provider using differing taxonomies for their array of services, simply understanding what services are being provided can lead to painstaking research. For example, a load balancing service is provided by HP, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon. They are named HP Helion Cloud Load Balancing, IBM Local and Global Load Balancing, Azure Traffic Manager, and AWS Elastic Load Balancing. The difference in nomenclature between each cloud service provider resulted in the generic names we created for each cloud service. With our generic cloud service taxonomy as a reference point, you don’t have to waste time deciphering what each provider is offering.

If you are familiar with what cloud services are out there to take advantage of, but don’t know where to begin finding the right provider for your needs, a search of our directory will quickly show you which providers are offering the service you need. Since we have taken the time to read through the fine print, you can focus on selecting which of the providers offering your service  has what you need for the right price.

After finding which providers have the service or services that you are looking for, it may be hard to decide which provider will deliver a great product and support. That’s where our ratings section comes in handy. If readers are rating the service provider you’re interested in, you can view their ratings on their company profile page.

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