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War of Attrition: AWS vs. GOOG, IBM and MSFT

| January 3, 2015 | Reply

battleIn 2006 Amazon unleashed an IaaS and PaaS  blitzkrieg called AWS. By the end of 2013 AWS captured a third of the IaaS and PaaS market territory by opening new product fronts,  and launching pricing offensives almost daily. AWS  looked invincible. But in 2014, superpowers Google, IBM and Microsoft declared war on Amazon AWS with massive resources available to throw at what is sure to be an epic war of attrition.

This industry brief illustrates the extent of AWS’s first mover advantages, the resources which Microsoft, Google and IBM have to do battle, and four scenarios which will define victory and defeat for the combatants. It’s up to you to select which scenario will come true.

The bottom of this Industry Brief brings your attention to companies from China and India which haven’t showed up on the global IaaS | PaaS market share radar…yet.

[slideshare id=43177419&doc=warofattritioninfographicv1-150103195155-conversion-gate02]


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