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The Biggest & Baddest Data Centers

Size, Power, Investment $, Greenest

iStock_000012645257XSmallWith the expansion of technology comes the need to create larger and larger data centers to process the information used for telecommunications, cloud computing, and financial firms. Through our research we have created various Top Ten categories to construct what we believe to be the leading data centers in square footage, power, investment dollars, and renewable energy output. However, these Top Ten rankings aren’t set in stone, being that new facilities are being constructed on a daily basis



Why It Matters

Interconnected_WorldModern technology has fueled our society with the urge to be connected 24/7 and is why the demand for data center services has become more prevalent than ever. Technology companies as well as governments across the world are answering this demand by investing billions of dollars to create massive data center facilities. Although there are thousands of data centers globally we have constructed our Top Ten rankings to display only the most elite of these facilities. Data center construction is expected to register an annual compound growth rate of approximately 22 percent through 2018 and because of this our Top Ten rankings will constantly be modified accordingly.



We Need Your Help

Although we have spent countless hours of research to compile our Top Ten rankings we could still use your help! If you have any information regarding square footage, investment dollars, power, or renewable energy at government data center sites or those in the APAC region, you can contact me at