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Biggest US Gov Sites

The United States government has invested an extensive amount of money into data centers across the nation. These facilities have numerous functions and differ from one another, being that some are used as “spy centers” while others collect data about weather, climate, and energy.



#1: NSA- Bumblehive

1,100,000 Sq/Ft

Bumblehive is one of the largest government owned facilities, costing a whopping 1.2 billion dollars. Just one of six major facilities operated by the National Security Agency of the U.S. government, Bumblehive covers just over one million square feet. What is most unique about this focal point is its 100,000 sq-ft Tier III data center used to monitor our nation. This leaves us with 900,000 sq-ft consisting of a twenty building complex used to provide technical support, administrative space, and emergency generators. Initially created to support the intelligence community’s efforts, Bumblehive is the first Intelligence Community Comprehensive National Cyber-security Initiative (IC CNCI).

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#2: NSA- Georgia Cryptologic Operations Center


604,000 Sq/Ft

The NSA data center located in Augusta, Georgia extends over 160 acres of land and measures in at 604,000 square feet of facilities. This enormous complex cost the government an estimated $286 million, employing around 4,000 workers that specialize in cryptology and linguistics. Using state of the art equipment to perform intelligence procedures, the facility consists of a 17,000 sq-ft data center as well as a 9,000 sq-ft communications center.

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#3: NSA- Fort Meade, Maryland


600,000 Sq/Ft

The NSA is currently investing in a new supercomputing center that will be constructed at Fort Meade for an estimated $895.6 million. While much is classified, it is said that as many as 6,000 employees will participate in the construction of this state of the art super computing powerhouse. The facility is suppose to span over 600,000 sq-ft and ready for use by the end of 2015.

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#4: NSA- Texas Cryptology Center


470,000 Sq/Ft

The TCC is located in San Antonio, Texas and is a satellite campus operated by the NSA on Lackland Air Force Base. The government has quietly transformed the once Sony plant into an intelligence hub costing an estimated $300 million. Although the site is veiled in secrecy, the building is covered extensively by A/C units and accounts for 470,000 square feet of land.

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#5: National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center


460,000 Sq/Ft

The United States Department of Energy has teamed up with company “Cray” to provide them with a new supercomputer,giving scientists  top of the line equipment for various projects.

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#6: NSA- Hawaii


250,000 Sq/Ft

Located in Oahu, Hawaii, the NSA Hawaii Regional Operation Data Center is home to 2,700 employees who use such technology to gather intelligence from overseas. Although this is one of the smaller of six NSA centers, it was built on 70 acres of land and accounts for around 250,000 square feet.

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#7: NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC)


170,000 Sq/Ft

The NWSC was created to provide scientists studying weather, climate, oceanography, and much more with advanced computing systems. Located in Cheyenne, WY, this data center accounts for just over 170,000 square feet. What is most impressive is the power density of 1,000 watts per square foot, ranking it among the top 1 percent of data centers in the world for efficiency. Operated by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, a few rows of refrigerator-sized cabinets hold 100 racks of hardware and more than 70,000 processors.

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#8: Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Rockville, MD


150,000 Sq/Ft

The United States NRC is currently constructing a new data center at their headquarters in Rockville, Maryland that covers 150,000 square feet. It has been announced that Dell was selected by the NRC to build and regulate such data center facilities. The center will be constructed with at least 90 server racks to reinforce the already existing two data centers.

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#9: IBM Federal-  Boulder, CO


115,000 Sq/Ft

IBM has partnered with government agencies to create their greenest data center in Boulder, CO. Measuring in at 115,000 square feet, IBM and the government are determined to meet the demand for green data centers, ultimately reducing energy costs. The corporation has invested $350 million to enhance data center features and employ more thank 2,000 workers throughout the project.

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#10: NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center


110,000 Sq/Ft

The NCDC is located in Asheville, North Carolina and is responsible for the world’s largest climate date archive. While the square footage of this facility is unknown, since 2004 the NCDC has expanded their digital archive from 2 to 14 petabytes. Their sophisticated data collection equipment allows them to develop national and global data sets, used to better understand climatic changes.

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